Not—I—But—We offers survivors of human trafficking in South Africa the opportunity to rebuild their lives through dignified and meaningful work.

Our Mission

To create meaningful jobs so survivors can rewrite their story.

The Problem

Poverty is one of the greatest driving forces of trafficking. With unemployment in South Africa being over 50%, dignifying and sustainable employment is incredibly difficult to come by...and so is a trauma informed workplace.

The Solution

Skills development, education and employment in a healing centered environment.

Your Impact

With every purchase, you create meaningful change by choosing to invest in the economic independence of survivors! We are not free until all are free.

Our Values

We are a justice enterprise committed to seeing wholeness & healing for women survivors.
Meaningful Employment

We believe in creating jobs that allow survivors to showcase their skills and talents. Not I But We seeks to create a space where survivors can dream again, create products they feel proud about, and share that with incredible people around the world, just like you!

Healing Centered Workplace

Not I But We fosters a workplace that puts people before profit and presence before productivity. We are constantly evaluating our practices to ensure that we provide a trauma informed workspace that centers healing, understanding and compassion above all.

Holistic Support

We believe that no one organisation can do it all, and we are lucky to work with incredible partners who play a crucial role in the restoration + reintegration process of survivors. We also believe that healing happens in community, and that is takes a village to create true economic justice for survivors. We are committed to supporting the financial independence of survivors not only through skills development and fair wages, but also through savings matching programs, childcare support and continued education.

Survivor Leadership

Not I But We is committed to employing survivors in leadership throughout our organisation. We believe in the wisdom and value survivors bring and are dedicated to uplifting those voices.

Meaningful Employment
Healing Centered Workplace
Holistic Support
Survivor Leadership


Some of our most asked questions!

If you are interested in volunteering or interning with us, please fill out our questionnaire here!

If you want donate towards our programs you can here.

If you want to donate fabric or other materials, please email

Yes we do! If you are interested in a custom order find out more here or email

We are so glad you asked!

We are looking for industrial machine, a dressmaker dummy and storage/cupboards.

We also would love to welcome a digital marketing intern onto the team (can be remote). Please email for more info.

If you are in South Africa, please call the hotline, 0800222777.

If you are in America, 1-888-373-7888.

Our Sewing Skills Development courses run quarterly and are open to survivors of trafficking and Gender Based Violence (GBV). If you are interested, please email

You can find us on Faire or email us for our catalog.