a calming picture with someone's hand dipping in the water
Tonya StanfieldMay 21, 20240 comments
At Not I But We, we teach that we all must rewire our nervous systems toward Love, and not just the survivors of human trafficking. The calm bracelets are a practical tool remind us to do mindful practices such as a sensory inventory.
Farrel is smiling and wearing an orange, ethically produced scarf.
Madison BarefieldFeb 21, 20240 comments
Farrel, our marketing intern at Not I But We, shows that through every purchase, customers are empowering woman and providing survivors of human trafficking with dignifying work. And the best, it only takes a few extra minutes to make sure artisans and employees are being treated with dignity, and paid an ethical, livable wage.
Cover image "So What's The Deal With Fast Fashion?
Madison BarefieldFeb 16, 20240 comments
Fast Fashion and why ethical shopping makes a differenceA message from our Founder: When I learned about human trafficking, the first most practical step I...