A reminder to be grateful
Tonya StanfieldMay 25, 20240 comments
At Not I But We, we acknowledge that life is hard and unfair, and for some (like the woman who made your bracelet) it is so much harder than most. But, we also stubbornly point out that life is ridiculously beautiful at the same time. The practice of gratefulness is a powerful tool for training our awareness to acknowledge that even in the midst of pain there is still something to be grateful for.
a calming picture with someone's hand dipping in the water
Tonya StanfieldMay 21, 20240 comments
At Not I But We, we teach that we all must rewire our nervous systems toward Love, and not just the survivors of human trafficking. The calm bracelets are a practical tool remind us to do mindful practices such as a sensory inventory.